5 Factors that affect health insurance premiums

By Krista DeKuyper | November 5, 2022 | General Health

Even though the Canadian government offers citizens health coverage, most regional plans cover only a handful of basic services, leaving people with gaps in their insurance. As a result, many individuals purchase health insurance to bridge the gaps. Personal health insurance in Canada commonly pays a portion of the expenses associated with covered benefits.

Some common factors that affect health insurance in Canada are – the risk you lead to the insurance provider and the type of plan you pick. Below, we have researched some additional information about the aspects that could influence the price of your health insurance coverage.

Coverage Level

All health and dental plans pay for a part of the expense associated with covered services. Services such as physician visits, medications, vision and dental coverage vary significantly from plan to plan. Programs with more comprehensive coverage have increased premiums than those with rarer services.

Paying close attention to what benefits are covered under your preferred plan is essential. An extended coverage plan can be costlier upfront, but it may be a better deal than if you pay out of pocket for services that are not covered under the more reasonable plan.

Medical Record

The next factor that affects health insurance premiums is medical records. Various health insurance plans propose guaranteed approval, meaning that anyone who applies will be protected under the scheme. However, some programs demand applicants to finish a health questionnaire and a medical exam before deciding whether or not they qualify for coverage. In such cases, your medical record could affect the price of the insurance plan.

If you have a record of any medical conditions, you may be mandated to pay a higher premium.


Your location plays a significant role in the cost of your health insurance plan. Firstly, the expense of medical services differs from region to region. 

If you reside somewhere where medical costs are higher than moderate, your premium will probably be higher, whereas if you live in an area where prices are lower, your premium will be lower. Moreover, the number of services covered in your province will also impact your general cost of health insurance.

Insurance Deductibles & Co-Payment

Many are aware of the insurance deductible as it involves their car insurance. Meaning, that you only pay a portion of the cost of your services, and your insurance provider will pick up the expenses that exceed that amount.

A co-payment is the amount you must pay for each visit to a healthcare service provider after you have fulfilled your deductible. 

Health insurance plans with increased co-payments tend to have lower premiums, while those with more subordinate co-payments have higher premiums.

Meet with an Insurance Agent

You are not alone if you are concerned about assessing different insurance plans to determine your family’s needs. An insurance agent can help you pick the most suitable policy and ensure you only pay for the required coverage. Plus they go into further depth on the what specific factors affect your health insurance premiums.

Our Quick quotes will assist you in choosing the right insurance coverage for your and your family’s needs. You can study all available options and see the different policies with coverage levels. Contact us today to get started.