About Healthquotes

HealthQuotes.ca is a nationally licensed, family-run Canadian insurance brokerage.

We offer a wide range of group, individual and travel benefits from leading Canadian insurance companies, and have been meeting the demands of a diversified community for several decades.

Mission Statement

“To help Canadians shop for and buy insurance online as quickly and easily as possible”.

  • 1981: Started with life insurance.
  • 1983: Added employee benefits to our portfolio.
  • 1999: We launched the first version of our “HealthQuotes.ca” web site which offered group insurance quotes online.
  • 2001: Added travel insurance and visitor to Canada insurance to our portfolio.
  • 2002: Added travel and visitor to Canada insurance to our web site.
  • 2004: Created a detailed personal health insurance quoting engine (the first of its kind in all of Canada).
  • 2005: Started up our Health and Travel blog online.
  • 2007: Created a generic personal health insurance quoting engine that’s quicker for users compared to the detailed quoting tool mentioned above.
  • 2008: Added disability insurance and critical illness insurance to our web site.
  • 2013: Created a unique online application process for individual health insurance.
  • 2014: Went live with our online travel insurance quoting tool.
  • 2016: Changed the overall design of our web site (it now leverages a responsive design) so that it displays and works well on all devices including mobile.

Note that HealthQuotes.ca is the common business name for Baker & Baker Insurance Inc.

Your insurance needs will be handled by experienced, licensed Canadian insurance brokers who will take the time to understand the nature of your business and who will place your coverage with confidence!