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Individual Health Insurance Questions that are Frequently Asked

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Questions concerning a particular insurance company or plan

If you have a question concerning a policy and/or a particular insurance company please see the following plan details pages:

Are birth control pills (contraception) covered?

Refer to the following list for details concerning insurance carriers and whether or not they cover birth control pills:
FlexCare: Enhanced plans only (e.g. ComboPlus enhanced, DrugPlus
enhanced, etc.).
Blue Cross: all health plans with prescription drug coverage.
-Sonata: no coverage for birth control pills.
-Sun Life Financial: the Enhanced plan covers birth control pills.

When does my benefits coverage start?

This depends on the insurance carrier you select, but usually coverage will commence once the first day of the next month after your first payment installment has been received.

What are eligible prescription drugs?

-Eligible prescription drugs are drugs with a DIN # ( drug identification number) that are prescribed by a physician.
-Fertility drugs are generally excluded, except in the flexCARE Enhanced plans.
-Some life style drugs and experimental drugs that have not been approved by the Medical Association are excluded.
-Some mixed drugs that have an SN number, but no DIN number are not covered.
-Over the counter drugs are not eligible medications.
-Reimbursement of drugs is based on the lowest-cost generic equivalent if available, on all individual health plans.
For more detailed information please see our InfoDesk article “Prescription Drugs and Health Insurance“.

How many personal health insurance quotes can I get?

You can get as many quotes as you would like, there is no limit.

Can I come back at a later date and then purchase family health insurance?

Yes, you can come back to our site at any time to either get more health quotes or to purchase health and dental benefits. Take as much time as you would like to decide what is best for you!