Ontario Blue Cross Insurance

Ontario Blue Cross Health Insurance offers Canadians comprehensive, affordable health and dental insurance coverage.

Ontario Blue Cross

The Blue Cross health & dental plan is called “Blue Vision”.® It consists of the Express guaranteed issue plan and the Global medically underwritten plan.*

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Guaranteed Issue (Blue Vision Express Plan)
Guaranteed Issue
  • Coverage for costs resulting from pe-existing conditions.
  • Prescription drugs and optional dental coverage.
  • Virtually guaranteed issue*.
  • Less coverage than Global plan.

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Medically Underwritten (Blue Vision Global Plan)
Affordable Coverage
  • Optional dental and prescription drug benefits.
  • Hospital and vision care.
  • Chiropractors, naturopaths, psychologists and more
  • Underwritten (medical questions).

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* Blue Vision is a hybrid product from Ontario Blue Cross. The Global Plan is family/individual health insurance that has medical questions (it is underwritten). The Express Plan is also for families/individuals, but is virtually guaranteed since it has minimal medical questions.

/® (Registered) trademarks of the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans, an association of independent Blue Cross Plans.