Manulife Travel Insurance: Eligibility Questions

Answer these questions to see if you pass the Manulife travel eligibility insurance plan (for traveling Canadians). You must be at least 30 days of age and a Canadian resident covered by the Government Health Insurance Plan in your province or territory of residence for the entire duration of your trip. Coverage IS NOT available under this policy to any person who:

  • Is traveling against the advice of a doctor.
  • Is diagnosed with metastatic cancer or a terminal illness.
  • Requires kidney dialysis.
  • Has been prescribed or used home oxygen in the last twelve (12) months.
  • Has had a bone marrow, stem cell or organ transplant (excluding corneal transplant).

The following questions determine if you are able to purchase this travel insurance plan OR Manulife’s Individual Medical Underwriting Plan (if you are unsure of your answer to any of these medical questions please consult your physician). If you answer “YES” to any of the following questions you are not eligible for this plan, but you can contact us to apply for the Individual Medical Underwriting Plan.

  1. In the last six (6) months, have you had cancer or received chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy and/or other treatment, other than routine follow-up, for cancer (except basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer, and breast cancer treated only with hormonal therapy)?
  2. In the last twelve (12) months have you had:
    1. A heart condition for which you were hospitalized (as an inpatient or seen in the emergency department); and/or
    2. A lung condition for which you were hospitalized (as an inpatient or seen in the emergency department) or for which you have been prescribed or taken prednisone?
  3. Have you had a heart bypass, angioplasty or heart valve surgery more than ten (10) years ago?
  4. In the last two (2) years, have you:
    1. Been prescribed or taken Lasix or furosemide or a water pill for heart failure, ankle or leg swelling, or water on the lungs; and/or
    2. Had congestive heart failure?
  5. In the last three (3) years, have you been diagnosed with and/or treated for any two (2) of the following? (if you only have one (1) of the following conditions, answer NO):
    1. Heart condition;
    2. Lung condition (except unrepeated prescription medications used for a single episode) (medication includes any puffer(s)/inhaler(s));
    3. Stroke/CVA (cerebrovascular accident) or mini-stroke/TIA (transient ischemic attack) (including use of aspirin/Entrophen for this condition);
    4. Diabetes (treated with medication and/or insulin);
    5. Narrowed or blocked artery in the legs (also called Peripheral Vascular Disease).
  6. In the last four (4) months, have you been prescribed or taken six (6) or more prescription medications? Do not count the following medications: hormone replacement therapy (thyroid or menopausal); drugs used for osteoporosis, or traveller’s diarrhea; or any form of immunization. Do not count topical medications that go in your nose, ears or eyes or on your scalp or skin except any form of nitroglycerine or any drug(s) for angina.

NOTE: for most provinces you lose your provincial healthcare coverage if gone for more than 6 months out of the year. Please make sure you contact your provincial government before leaving on an extended holiday.

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