Manulife Offers Free Akira Virtual Healthcare Services

By Krista DeKuyper | April 5, 2021 | Employee Benefits, HealthQuotes Articles, Individual Health

Akira Virtual Health Care Services Are Now Free From Manulife

Manulife is now including free virtual care in all health and dental plans. Clients can now use Akira by TELUS Health, a virtual healthcare app that allows people to access telemedicine and other healthcare services 24/7 from the comfort of their own homes. With Akira, clients can now gain access to healthcare professionals, have prescriptions sent to their pharmacy, seek help for mental health, have lab work requisitions emailed to their clinic of choice, and much more. 

Akira gives clients unlimited video and text chats on their mobile devices, allows them to look back on session conversations, access medical consultation notes, and track prescriptions. All documentation, messages, and video consults are encrypted to ensure the patient’s personal information is protected. 

What is Virtual Healthcare?

Virtual care is a term that encompasses all the ways healthcare providers remotely interact with patients. This includes live video, audio, and instant messaging. Essentially it is the “virtual visits” that take place between patients and clinicians. It not only allows patients to interact with their doctor, but it also allows them to interact with an off-site medical specialist and/or find qualified second opinions.

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5 Ways You Can Use Virtual Healthcare

  1. Diagnosis – get diagnosis and treatment plan for common concerns like colds, the flu, eye issues, skin conditions, and more
  2. Prescriptions – receive new or fill existing prescriptions
  3. Mental health – schedule video therapy sessions and gain support from a licensed therapist
  4. Lab test – have lab requisitions emailed or sent directly to a lab or x-ray clinic
  5. Specialist referrals – get a referral to a nearby specialist

Staying Covered During COVID-19

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis telehealth services across the country have been seeing demand surges as patients no longer want to sit in waiting rooms. Last April, Telehealth Ontario had to add 1300 phone lines and 130 nurses just to keep up with demand. The partnership between Akira Health and Manulife looks to increase Canadians’ access to on-demand virtual medical consults anytime and anywhere. It also improves Canadians’ access to healthcare in a COVID friendly way. 

To have a referral, lab work and results all in 3 days is quite awesome” – Kim from Waterloo.

Akira Virtual Care Group Benefits

You can also get access to Akira virtual healthcare through your group benefits. Akira and Manulife are working together to decrease absenteeism. By offering employees 24/7 access to virtual health care providers that can help resolve issues they would normally go to a clinic for. According to a report on absenteeism by the Conference Board of Canada, Canadians miss an average of nine days of work each year due to health-related issues. These solutions will help Canadians get well and stay well by leveraging technologies that benefit both parties. 

“We’ve had two employees reach out since we launched Akira last Monday to share that they used the service and had an amazing experience. They were impressed by the quality and timeliness of care, ease of using the service, as well as the follow up the next day. From us to your team – thank you.” – Kristen Warden Director at Allianz Global Assistance Canada. 

If you don’t have group benefits you can sign up for group benefits with HealthQuotes and get the virtual care your team needs.

Download The Akira Virtual HealthCare PDF

Get the 2 page Akira by TELUS Fact sheet for more information. Download here!


Manulife Akira Application 

There are two ways to access Akira:

If you’re an existing Manulife Health & Dental plan member: 

  1. Register your account on Manulife SecureServe
  2. Visit  to register for Akira with your Manulife SecureServe ID
  3. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play by searching “Akira by TELUS health.”
  4. Login, and now you have access to Akira Healthcare!

If you’re not an existing Manulife Health & Dental plan member, you can contact an advisor at Health Quotes to get started.

  1. 1-800-474-4474