OHIP Coverage In Different Provinces

By Krista DeKuyper | May 17, 2023 | OHIP

OHIP, the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, is an essential part of healthcare for those living in the province. But what happens when life takes you outside of Ontario? Does OHIP provide coverage if you move to another province? This article will explore this important question and discuss why it’s critical to understand provincial health plans and their differences. We’ll look at OHIP coverage when moving out of province and consider other options available for Canadians who are looking for medical care away from home.

What OHIP coverage in Other Provinces

When you show a valid OHIP card in another Canadian province or territory, you will be covered for some of the same services that you’re covered for in Ontario

  1. physician services (visit to a walk-in clinic
  2. services provided in a public hospital (e.g emergency diagnostics, laboratory)

The gist is that OHIP will cover you in another Canadian province or territory if it is medically necessary.

What OHIP doesn’t cover you in other provinces

Services not covered by OHIP in different areas of Canada

  • services not covered in Ontario (e.g. cosmetic surgery)
  • ambulance services (including transport and paramedic)
  • prescription drugs and other drugs given outside a hospital
  • home-care services
  • fees charged by private hospitals or facilities
  • diagnostic or laboratory services outside of a public hospital
  • long-term care or residential services
  • assistive devices (e.g. prosthetics)

What to do if OHIP doesn’t cover you in a different province

The best thing for you to do is to buy private health insurance. Specifically travel insurance. This covers you for the length of your trip in case of any medical emergencies.

How to prepare for a move out-of-province and ensure your healthcare needs are taken care of

To keep your OHIP coverage while studying full-time in another province or territory in Canada, you must bring proof to the nearest ServiceOntario centre that you:

  • have lived in Ontario for at least five months in the 12-month period immediately before leaving
  • proof of residency required (e.g. most recent income tax assessment, valid Ontario driver’s licence, utility bill)
  • are enrolled in full-time academic studies elsewhere in Canada (e.g. letter on school letterhead)

Additionally, if you’re going to visit or work to study in another Canadian province or territory for more than seven out of twelve months, you need to confirm your OHIP coverage before you leave.

OHIP is an essential part of healthcare for those living in Ontario, but the coverage you receive when travelling to another province can vary. OHIP will cover some services like physician visits and public hospital care if they are medically necessary. However, OHIP does not provide coverage for ambulance services, prescription drugs or home-care services outside of Ontario. To ensure your health needs are taken care of while travelling out-of-province it’s important to have travel insurance and proof that you lived in Ontario for at least five months before leaving and enrolled full-time in academic studies elsewhere in Canada. Understanding OHIP coverage when moving out-of-province is critical, so ensure you understand what provincial health plans are available before taking off!

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